Your home should be the safest place on earth for you and your family. A security system installed by Blunts gives you peace of mind by:

1. Coming home and knowing that while you were away NOTHING HAPPENED!

Whether you’ve been away on holiday or just out shopping, knowing your house is just as you left it gives your family a secure feeling.
However if something (or someone) has tripped the alarm you will know either through your phone app or when you disarm the system. This helps prevent you confronting burglars in your home.
If you are unfortunate to be in your home when burglars attack a potentially ugly situation arises. Their intentions may be malicious if they knew you were home.
In a slightly better scenario – catching burglars by surprise – means they are more likely to react with shock and panic, leading to aggressive behaviour.
In both of these cases, having a security system often provides family members with enough warning to get to a safe location until police or security arrive.

2. Protecting your valuables

An obvious reason but an essential one. We often don’t think about the replacement value of our treasured possessions until they are stolen. Some are irreplaceable whilst others give a huge price shock when buying again – even with insurance.
The Australian Institute of Criminology commissioned a report in 2015 which attempted to discover why property crime has declined over the past decade. Police detainees were interviewed and 31% (the highest segment of responses) claimed improvements in security were one reason for the decline. The conclusion is that having a security system does act as a deterrent.
Stated reasons for the property crime drop: Overall themes (%)

3. Protect your home and family from fires

Smoke detectors connected to your security system give your family an early warning system and the ability to automatically contact authorities. Within minutes of a house fire, occupants can be unable to see or even breathe. Time is critical, and the sooner the fie brigade is aware of your house fire, the faster they can respond. Even a few seconds can mean the difference between life, death and the complete loss of your home.