We often get asked about energy storage in the home and office – currently you’d need an entire wall to simply boil a kettle!
So an interesting story this week about storing energy off the grid in a cheaper and more efficient form. Since 2013, when potassium-oxygen batteries were invented, the promise of more efficient and reliable energy storage has been exciting scientists and green energy pundits. Solar and wind generation can fuel the electricity grid but only while the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. Cost-effective batteries hold the key to moving away from burning black coal.
This article outlines the problems with potassium-oxygen batteries and how researchers from The Ohio State University are tackling them. They can be more efficient than lithium-oxygen batteries and can store about twice the energy. Lithium-oxygen batteries are used in electric vehicles, mobile phones and many energy-hungry devices. Potassium-oxygen batteries may well be the next step in cheaper, mass-scale energy storage.