Electrical Safety Inspections – Periodic Verification

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Victoria’s renting laws have changed from March 29th 2021, with more than 130 reforms implemented. The reforms increase protections for tenants, while ensuring landlords can still effectively manage their properties. The proposed Regulations set out, among other things: safety-related activities of [...]

Security Does Work!

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Recently (in mid-October) at the well secured headquarters of Blunts, we unfortunately experienced a middle of the night visit from one of our less savoury citizens. This was understandably a traumatic experience and caused us considerable work with both the repairs and the clean-up. However we cann [...]

Security System Offer

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Download PDF Take advantage of our Security System Offer today. $2,199 Price includes: Complete, electrician installed Bosch Solution 6000 system including: WiFi KeyPad Pet Proof Detectors Internal and External Sirens Ready for control room monitoring or the smart phone app.   Call today to boo [...]

Electrified tap nearly kills girl, 11

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Even an RCD* wouldn't have saved Denishar Woods from a potentially fatal electric shock from a tap. An article by the ABC outlines potential causes of electric shocks in the home. After a young girl receives a massive electric shock from a garden hose, the national peak electrical body warns people to watch out for danger signs that wiring may be faulty. If your tap is 'tingly' get it looked at immediately.

Free Safety Inspections

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Book a Safety Inspection now.   We're excited to announce our Free Safety Inspections when we visit your home or office. Our qualified electricians check the following items: Power supply to your property Switchboard Cabling Asbestos risks Your power meter Smoke Detectors Air Conditioning Ligh [...]

Aussies use printing press to create solar panels

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In exciting news from the University of Newcastle researchers have printed solar panels onto flexible plastic sheets. Generating power from the sun by wrapping solar panels around trucks and on roofing without requiring reinforcement makes this technology a game-changer. Easy to transport and simple [...]