Victoria’s renting laws have changed from March 29th 2021, with more than 130 reforms implemented.
The reforms increase protections for tenants, while ensuring landlords can still effectively manage their properties.

The proposed Regulations set out, among other things:

  • safety-related activities of both tenants and landlords that must be included in the standard tenancy agreement; for example, landlords would be responsible for arranging regular electrical safety tests. This includes keeping records of gas and electrical safety checks.

Get the full Residential Tenancies (COVID-19 Emergency Measures) Regulations 2020 by clicking here.

We are able to provide a great service for this new regulation.

  • We send out a fully qualified electrician to do the inspection.
  • Our inspection is not only visual: we thoroughly test the electrical installation to identify electrical safety issues.
  • We can quote and repair any items needing attention on the spot as we are qualified electricians – this avoids additional callouts.
  • We provide a full PDF report of all our findings to be kept on record by the owner / property manager (see sample here).
  • We set up automatic reminders in our system to remind clients when their next inspection is due.

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