Recently (in mid-October) at the well secured headquarters of Blunts, we unfortunately experienced a middle of the night visit from one of our less savoury citizens.

Blunts Head Office

This was understandably a traumatic experience and caused us considerable work with both the repairs and the clean-up. However we cannot say it was a totally negative experience. There is plenty to take away from an event like this.

Lessons Learned:

1) Security works!

The CCTV cameras were great but it was the security system and the control room monitoring station that saved our business.

The masked gentleman was only inside a few seconds before the control room had dispatched a guard, called the police and they were underway. The guard arrived and saw our new friend inside. Panicked, he made a mad dash over our fence and left behind ‘our’ loot. He still made a lot of mess but obviously if he didn’t have to worry about screaming sirens or the thought of guards arriving the damage and mess could have been worse.


No, this is not how Patrick’s desk normally looks.


2) Layering is important

We like to design our systems to be “multi layered”. Firstly the doors and windows and then the internal areas.

In our situation the door was smashed in, which triggered the alarm system immediately and the whole alarm response process started. The internal detectors then confirmed our visitor moving about inside our offices. This information is crucial for a guard and police response.

3) CCTV sees all

Our cameras were on and recorded our new friend arriving and entering the property. We were able to give footage to the police and hopefully they will be able to use the images to locate our new friend.

Our cameras are an older, analogue (co-ax cable) version of the gear we now install in our professional level systems. Although our footage looks clear, we know it will be vastly improved now we have the new cameras installed.

Check out this camera demonstration in a low light situation:

This break-in event really made us think about our own security and where our electronic protection can be improved.

When you get a visit from burglars we feel your pain!

Here are the Security offers we’re running as a result:

*Conditions apply

Note: If you’re a new client of Blunts we will also provide a free electrical safety check.