Here at Blunt’s corporate HQ we often get asked the question about WiFi cameras vs wired cameras for home security. We’ve installed both types and have built our knowledge from hard-earned experience.

WiFi cameras are great little gadgets for a basic “check the dog is in the yard” style of system. However they have a few limitations. 

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The most important point is picture quality.

Without a nice clear picture you’ll feel like you’re watching an 80’s crime show like Magnum PI – on VHS.

Wired cameras can provide a far better picture quality with more reliable transmission. Right now a cable is better at sending video than using your wifi network. 

Think about how easily your favourite “funny cat video” is disrupted, slowed down or even buffered when you’re at home playing around with your iPad. This won’t happen with a wired camera. A wired camera is like watching digital TV.  

Unsecured Network: WiFi cameras send video via your WiFi network, leaving it vulnerable to hackers. It’s a relatively simple matter to intercept this traffic to view or disrupt video transmission. Wired cameras use a ‘closed loop’ system, meaning hackers have no entry to view your videos.

Low Light Conditions. WiFi cameras are either using batteries or a power pack plugged into a powerpoint somewhere. Newer WiFi models are getting better at low light with each release but wired cameras are still the leader.

Cost: Wired cameras cost less than WiFi cameras. Sure you need to get a wired system installed by someone who knows what they’re doing. WiFi might sound easy but do you really understand how to secure your network against hackers? After weighing it all up wired systems are still cheaper.

Large Homes: Providing sufficient WiFi coverage for wireless cameras around your property increases in difficulty as property size increases. Wired systems are usually better for larger homes as cameras can be placed at any point on the property.

Cabling: Some wired cameras are now available with power over ethernet (PoE) as a feature, allowing you to power the camera from the same ethernet cable used to carry data. This avoids the need for both ethernet and mains power cables to the camera (though you’ll need a PoE connection box).


Benefits of a Blunts-installed Security Camera system:

  • We do all the work. You stay out of Bunnings. 
  • We set everything up on your devices and ensure it’s all working before we leave.
  • The quality of the picture is better than any WiFi system
  • Awesome low-light capabilities on all of our cameras. A wired camera can see in the dark way better than any WiFi camera.
  • More mounting options – a professionally installed camera can be placed anywhere. It doesn’t need a strong WiFi signal.


Wired vs WiFi Security Cameras

Wired Cameras WiFi Cameras
Max picture quality 1080P or 4K Up to 1080P or 1280 x 720 (30fps)
Requires power cable? Yes Yes (or battery)
Works in all weather Yes No*
View feed on mobile device? Yes Yes
Interference from nearby devices? No Possible
Blunts can install Yes No
Installation skills required High Medium
Portable? No Yes
Avg cost per 4 camera system $2,599
(professional install, backup recorder, smart phone access, etc)
(Self-install, no backup, smart phone access)
Cost effective for large homes? Yes No
Battery backup? Yes Yes


*Signal disruption is possible during stormy weather cycles